Amazon’s Cloud Innovation

(Originally posted on 12/3/2017)

Executive Summary:

Announced new offerings include:

  • New translation/transcription service
  • Auto recognize video objects/scenes/activities, in the field
  • ML model process mgmt
  • Alexa for Business
  • Kubernetes container support
  • Graph DB that quickly shows data connections
  • New IOT OS/security/analytics
  • New relational DB service

What it Means:

  • Media-specific big data value in targeting audiences, informing content & sales analytics insights
  • Announcements validate future of container systems and serverless architecture
  • Services available to all that use AWS

Amazon Announces a Flurry of New AWS Services

Tech journalists had a busy week covering Amazon’s re:Invent customer conference. TechCrunch wrote 25 articles on the event (TechCrunch).

Here’s a descriptive list of the most notable announcements:

  • New translation service: Text translations for supported languages (Google and Microsoft have been offering these services for years)
  • Transcription service: Turns an audio file into grammatically correct text
  • Amazon Rekognition Video service: Developers can now automatically get information about objects in a video, the scenes they are set in and the activities that are happening in them
  • AWS Deeplens: A video camera that runs deep learning models directly on the device, out in the field
  • SageMaker: Provides a simplified framework for developers and data scientists to manage the machine learning model process
  • Alexa for Business: Allows companies to build out their own Alexa skills and integrations for both practical and business use cases (more on this next week)
  • Amazon EKS: Support to manage Kubernetes container orchestration system
  • Amazon Neptune: A graph database that quickly shows connections between data
  • New IOT operating systemsecurity and analytics: Products to simplify the development and security of IoT devices
  • Aurora Serverless: A database service that makes it easier and cheaper to quickly launch relational databases

What This Means for Media Companies:

Media companies are recognizing ‘big data’s value in targeting audiences, informing content and sales analytics insights.

The structure of their data science teams and the data architecture they utilize can have significant impacts on the ability to develop high quality products with scale and flexibility. Amazon’s decision to focus on themes such as container systems and serverless architecture validates their value and future role in cloud computing.

One of the great benefits of companies managing data in the cloud is that services like AWS act like platforms. Their customers have access to the many micro-services offered on the platform, such as those announced at re:Invent.

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